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Does the shipment have a cost?

We offer you free shipments and delivered to your door in the Imperial Valley, California.


Somo of out shipments have a extra cost and it depends on the area that you are in. Please write us on whatsapp so we can help you with the cost of the shipment. 

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver in California and Arizona. 

How long do they deliver?

All our deliveries are guaranteed in a maximum of 30 calendar days, it is possible that they arrive before but never after. Rural areas or areas with limited parcel coverage are subject to a delivery time extension.

How to move my shipment?

You can track your order by via whatsapp. 

What happens if there is no one at the time of delivery of my order?

3 delivery attempts will be made, if the recipient is not found, the package will be returned to our Distribution Center.

Can anyone receive my order?

Yes, as long as you are at the address indicated for delivery and prove identification.

Is it possible to schedule the delivery of my order at a specific day and time?

It is not possible at the moment.

Do you deliver on weekends and holidays?

Deliveries are only made during business days.



In the cases in which the reimbursement is approved, it will be made under the following guidelines: Payments made by debit or credit card on the NARANJO AIR.COM portal will be reimbursed through the same mechanisms and processes offered by Paypal, and only for the total purchase.


With other payment methods, the refund will be made by Zelle transfer to the customer's account (+1 (442) 283-4486) will have up to 14 business days to reimburse the client for the amount of the operation once the reimbursement has been approved. In the cases that apply, Naranjo Air will reimburse the user for 100% of the cost of the returned products. The user accepts that the banking institution could take up to 30 additional calendar days to release the corresponding amount.


Guarantee Policy


  • This guarantee is applicable to any product purchased on the website

  • Naranjo Air  guarantees any manufacturing defect in materials and component operation, detected within 7 days after receipt of the product.

  • Naranjo Air undertakes to absorb the costs of repair, components, labor and transportation of the products that derive from compliance with this Warranty Policy. This guarantee does not apply in cases in which the packaging of the products is missing or damaged hardware and hardware components, in these cases, the user must contact Naranjo Air to request the shipment of the missing parts.

  • The collection of the product or products that are subject to this Guarantee Policy will be carried out solely and exclusively in the location where they were originally delivered.

The following are understood by manufacturing defects:

  • Offset bore

  • Colors not corresponding to the order

  • Detachment of pieces

  • Stains or dirt

  • Oxidation uneven parts

  • Missing parts, except hardware

  • Hardware problems


  • This Warranty Policy covers any manufacturing defect in materials and component operation, detected within 7 days after receipt of the product.

  • In the cases in which the user does not have the Guarantee Policy, he can download it on the website.

  • Naranjo air guarantees defects in manufacturing and materials that prevent the proper functioning of the furniture for up to a period of 360 days immediately after receipt of the product.


  • The use that each user gives to the products is their sole responsibility, so this Warranty Policy does not cover improper handling of the products, including, but not limited to: cuts, scratches, blows and accidents.

  • This Warranty Policy does not cover products that have not been assembled following the instructions for use provided.

  • This Warranty Policy does not cover products that have been altered or repaired by third parties other than Naranjoair.

  • This Warranty Policy does not cover damage caused by accidents, falls, natural disasters, etc. 

Métodos de pago


We accept all debit and credit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard and American Express, with the credit option of up to 12 months without interest. Transactions on our payment platform are secure and encrypted, we process them through Paypal.


 We also have the option to pay for Zelle using the number  (442) 283-4486. Please send us the receipt on our whatsapp

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